Verónica Troncoso + NET

Academical Background:

Visual Artist and Researcher. M.F.A. in Arts at the Universidad de Chile and scholar at the Department of Visual Arts at the Universidad de Chile. She holds the Chair on Construction of Archives in the Visual Arts, the Photography Workshop (II) and a Speciality Seminar.

She’s a member of Research Group on Archive, Human Right Violations and Artistic, Dramatic, and Memory Related Practices.

Recent Research and Creation Activities:
She has researched and produced a corpus of work basing on the displacements between the arts field and the archive as a paradigm and research object, specializing on research, construction of archives and production of work on violations to human rights during the civic-military dictatorship in Chile (1973-1990).

Recent Works:
“What is to resist?” /Berlin, 2015/, “Collective Cartographies in Transit: why Divide the Lands?” /Berlín, 2015/, “Sound Displacements of a Resistance”” /Berlín,2015/, “Traces of light” /Berlín, 2015/, “Narratives and Phantoms. Setting of the Archive of an Absence” /Santiago, 2015/, “120 Steps and one Cup of Coffee: Archive and Memory of the Political Inprisonment of Women in the Region of Valparaíso” /Valparaíso, 2015/, “June 14, 1977” /Santiago, 2014/ y “Archive: Archaeology of Absence” /Santiago, 2011/.

Veronica is part of the Sonido Ciudad Collective, which collaborates with Rimini Protokoll developing a research and creation project: “Memories in Transit”. This project is a multidisciplinary work articulated on narrations by people about their life experiences in Santiago de Chile’s downtown. It approaches the notion of the city as a living archive of memories, develated on layers, in the encounter with persons inhabiting it and their remembrances.

She also participates in the following research projects: “The Dispositives of Image and Power. Iconoclasm and Performativity” at the Bicentenario Research and Creation Hub directed by Carlos Ossa Swears; “Archives, Emerging Realities in order to reflect on an Inedit World”, Research and Creation Hub of the Universidad de Chile directed by Sergio Rojas, with whom she has developed a plaform for research, outreach and communication with several actors in the field of the archive; “Memories in motion: the Battles for the Image during Allende’s Unidad Popular in Chile”, a research project about not edited audiovisual material of the presidential period of Salvador Allende, directed by Carlos Ossa Swears, funded by the Research Funds of the National Cinematheque. She’s director of the research project “Archives and Art Teaching” at the Universidad de Chile.