Germán González


After the B.A. in Art Theory and History at the Universidad de Chile (1987), Aesthetics at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (1987), an M.F.A. in Plastic Arts (Université de Paris I, 1994) and the Ph.D. in Research on Design (Universidad de Barcelona, 2013), he´s developed his academic work on teaching and researching inside of the field of the arts and design. His research field is focused on the historical evolution and the theoretic reflection on the concept and production of technical images (mediated or mechanized), in which photography is considered the main issue.

Basing on the analysis and theoretization of the photographic dispositive (“Photographic Mediation and Immediation: Production of a conceptual dispositive”, M.F.A. in Plastic Arts, 1994) and research on the situation of photographic creation in Chile (“Contemporary Photography in Chile as a form of Artistic Expression”, Chilean Council for the Arts and Culture, FONDART, 1996), his research projects are aimed to reflect on the image as a product of the possibilities for technical reproduction in the country (“Writing on photography: texts by Dittborn, Lihn and Kay”, Diploma on Advanced Studies, 2004). Finally, they are focused on the elaboration of a historical as conceptual reconstruction of the theme (“Technological Image and Artistic Reflection in Chile (1973-1988)”, Ph.D. Program on Design Research, 2013).


Following this path, we can find among his publications examples like “On the Technical Image and its Research in the Field of Chilean Visual Culture “En torno a la imagen técnica y su investigación en el ámbito de la cultura, basing on the conclusions of the Ph.D. Thesis “Technological Image in Chile (1973-1988)”(in “Seminario de Investigación en Diseño”, Ediciones Universidad del Bio Bio, 2014) and “The Situation of the Archive in Chilean Visual Arts: the Work of Eugenio Dittborn, the Critical Contribution by Enrique Lihn and the theoretical by Roland Kay” (in “Archivo. Diálogos Iniciales”. Ediciones Departamento de Artes Visuales, Universidad de Chile, 2014).

He’s a lecturer appointed to the area of Photography and the Complementary Course on Archives at the Department for Visual Arts (Faculty of Arts, Universidad de Chile). Many years he worked as a coordinator and lecturer at the Postgraduate Diploma on Graphic Production, Video and Photography (Postgraduate School, Faculty of Arts). He nowadays participates as a researcher and second responsible for the DAV Research Project “Conception and Use of the Archive in Visual Creation: Exploratory Research on the experience of the Workshop for Construction of Archives for the Visual Arts” and as a member of the LAPSOS Research Team (Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de Chile).