Paulina Carreño

+ see proyect 1

Atlas (2013)

A bycicle workshop located on the backyard of a house is the place chosen to develop the “Atlas Project”. A place which is repository of many different objects, accumulated for more than 15 years, which seems to have wether an order nor an organizing logic at all.

Paulina takes this space as a place that has been articulated by codes which have to be deciphered. Exploring and transferring the main ideas from the notion of the archive, specially those related to the search for Derrida’s Archon and its law. She thus initiates different operations which border on the archaeological, constructing an atlas basing on localizing and substracting objects from a cycle-workshop, which is in itself a model of the world as well.

The place conceived as a cartography is thus re-traced and sectorized. This action of organizing the territory makes possible that every deposit site acquires a logic for positioning itself. Every object is substracted momentaneously from its original position, so that they can produce new categories for objects through detailed drawings and descriptions.

Finally, the operation of positioning and substracting and then drawing, describing and relocating on the bidimensional format (an atlas) constitute actions transferring the possibilities of the archive as a language in order to desubejctivate the subject.