“Comings and Goings of an Absurd Machinery inside of a Laboratory”

The work system I have been developing during the four years of the Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts has consisted in constructing reflection about the very process of development and the becoming of the artistic work. I understand this not as a resolutive totality but much more an evolutive process in which intention is equal to research, trial and error, constant movement. That’s the way we come to a logic of “something” undefined. This development of reflection constructs a fictional system by which I generate not finished works and in process. There, the work becomes finally the process.

That’s why the theme I have been developing during the last two years of the program have been according to this logic of research, which I have called “Comings and Goings of an Absurd Machinery inside of a Laboratory”. This logic creates machines for remembrance, for research with what is supposed to be “understanding” in a fictional laboratory. I develop inside of this laboratory connections and interconections establishing different displacementes I have developed through the investigation. This laboratory is finally a place for creating ideas and realizing research without any outer restrictions; a place where every material is allowed according to my own research process.