A total of 114 e-mails, 217 pages printed on letter size and archived in a folder.

Gustavo performs the archives compiled on his affective biography, saved on the messages of his gmail account, which has saved (as a huge deposit) the comings and goings of the beginning and the end of a sentimental relationship. Having displayed the letters in the archive, which have been delivered to be opened and read by different persons, Gustavo literally remains and gets naked in front of the dimensions of the archive, without any descriptor, nor any index at all. He’s been generously exposed to show sonically and in the form of a presence the experience of trespassing one body to the other, the beginning and the end in a loop which just doesn’t ever show its end; it isn’t but a cycle of possibilities to enter and exit that what has been archived. An irruption of the “other” telling something about someone as a spectator of its own biography, sitting in front and exposing himself to someone ready to listen to him.